We need to talk about Chris…


If we are to continue to show the Ministry of Justice and Chris Grayling that their proposals over dual contracting are wrong it is important that we show them why.   The latest consultation seeks the professions view on the decisions made by the MoJ based on the Otterburn and KPMG reports, documents that were not made available to us before.

We all know how the cuts as they stand will affect our jobs, our firms and our clients.  We now need to evidence that to the MoJ.

@ReedsLAW (my employers) are hosting a forum to allow the profession a place to discuss the consultation, share your views, perhaps pool resources and information and build a picture of the feeling of the profession to help put some force behind our response.

Fifteen months ago the profession stood united against the Ministry; the Bar and solicitors doing what they do best and fighting for what they believed was right.   Time has passed and there seems to be less of a feeling of unity, with both sides of the profession eyeing each other warily across the court room.   It would be naïve to believe that all solicitors and all firms have the same goals, and some will certainly believe that the current proposals are workable, others who know it will kill them off.

Whatever your view making it heard is the important thing.

Link to the consultation documentation here

Link to the forum here

(NB Forum is not optimised for mobile)


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