Making mistakes…


As another year ends, I along with many others have spent the past few days thinking about what I have achieved in the past year.  Where I have gone right, where I have gone wrong and what I might have done differently.

It’s been an eventful year that’s for sure.  A new employer, new friends and even perhaps enemies, the end of a relationship and the start of a new one, a health scare and a new-found belief in who I am and what I can do.

The reality is that I have made mistakes, I have caused some happiness and caused some hurt.  I have been good and been bad.  I have been the best I can and at times the worst.  I have liked myself and I have hated myself.   I have regretted some things and others I have no regrets about at all. It has, as I have said, been an eventful year.

So what in 2015 would I do differently?

If truth be told probably nothing.   It is important to make mistakes, to have regrets and to have fears but to press on regardless.  It is only by seizing every opportunity that you can grow, that you can have the experiences that define you.

To all my friends, both those that I have already met and those I am yet to meet, I hope that you all have a 2015 filled with happiness and one where you all make mistakes.


Author: crimsolicitor

I am a Criminal Defence Lawyer, committed to providing the best defence I can for those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay...

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